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On a ski holiday in Zauchensee you literally spend the night in the middle of the slopes! The village is located at 1,350 meters and is surrounded by high alpine peaks.

  • Six ski lifts to choose from
  • World class ski slopes
  • Comfortable accommodations near the ski lifts




Skiing in Zauchensee

Zauchensee offers a great skiing experience. The altitude of the village makes this destination a very snow-safe option.

The slopes range from 1,350 to over 2,100 meters altitude. Since there are only a few hotels in the village, the slopes here, especially in the morning, tend to be less crowded than in other ski resorts. Here you have plenty of space for your carving turns. And if you are an early riser, you’ll have the freshly prepared slopes all to yourself.

Challenging ski area with guaranteed snow

The Zauchensee ski area is connected with Flachauwinkel, Kleinarl, Flachau and Wagrain by a short ride on the ski bus. Overall, you have 350 km of slopes to explore. All areas of the ski resort can be reached on a day trip. A popular day trip is to take the ski lift from Zauchensee and descend on the other side of the mountain, from where you get to Flachuawinkl and Kleinarl. Here you will find many great slopes and the famous snow park “Absolut Park”, which offers something for everyone, whether beginner or pro.

Thanks to its altitude and snow security, there are also good off-piste opportunities and 21 km finest cross-country skiing in Zauchensee.

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Piste facts
119 km
189 km
42 km
2100 m (Top) 1350 m (City)
Destination Facts
City Altitude:
1350 m
Highest peak:
2100 m
Longest descent:
8 km
Total slope length:
350 km
Number Of Lifts:

For Skiers

In Zauchensee everything is geared towards skiing, if you are looking for a resort with vibrant nightlife and luxury shops, you are here at the wrong place. But if you are looking for a ski resort, surrounded by nature, where you can stay right next to the slopes you have found a real gem. The hotels in Zauchensee offer everything you could wish for on a skiing holiday.

Destination facts:

Height valley: 1,350 meters
Highest peak: 2,100 meters
Longest descent: 8 kilometers
Slope length: 350 kilometers
Freeride: yes
Number of ski lifts: 82

Livecam from Zauchensee

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Weather forecast for your holiday in Zauchensee

Forecast in the valley


3 °
-2 °


4.5 t
10 m/s
31 mm

Light snowfall at daybreak, then fairly sunny during the day.

Forecast 2.188 meters


-3 °
-6 °


4.8 t
20 m/s
31 mm

Snow showers continuing into the afternoon, afterwards clouds breaking up.
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Piste map Zauchensee (click on the map)

Piste map Zauchensee

The skiing in Zauchensee is varied and reaches into a large ski area with a total of 350 km of piste. The skiing in Zauchensee is best for those who already have a little experience, as it fits more to the advanced skiiers. The lifts are efficient and because Zauchensee is a relatively unknown place, it is not completely impossible that you can run down a whole piste without driving past anyone or getting driven past by anyone. In Zauchensee there is also a minor children's ski area for the smallest, this does not connected with the large ski area.

Tips for the ski area

As mentioned earlier, the entire ski area represents approximately 350 km of piste. For those who like to discover new mountains and slopes, you can ski to Flachau-Winkl. From here you can either take the bus a couple of minutes to Flachau or jump on the shuttle bus to the other side of Flachau-Winkl, which does not take more than 2-3 minutes. If you choose to go to the other side of Flachau-Winkl, you can proceed to Kleinarl and try the skiing there.

If you go to Flachau you can continue to Wagrain, where you will find it a little easier than in Zauchensee.

There are plenty of restaurants with good lunch offers around the entire system.

Off-piste in Zauchensee

For those who are looking to go off the piste have come to the right place. In Zauchensee and around the system there are plenty of excellent off-piste opportunities. For the experienced, there is a good terrain to discover your own off-piste skiing.


If you would like to go to a park, there is the famous Snowpark Absolutpark in Flachau-Winkl. There is everything from jumps, boxes, rails and a halfpipe for all levels.

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Popular hotels in Zauchensee

  • 6 ski lifts within a few minutes' walk
  • Full breakfast buffet
  • 4-course dinner
  • Wellness

Hotel Enzian, Zauchensee

1/2 board
  • A unique ski area
  • Straight from bed to the slopes
  • Culinary half board
The price includes:
  • The stay
  • Half board
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