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River rafting in Austria

Rafting is an exciting and unforgettable experience for all the adventurous. Join the river rafting on wild rivers that makes you feel the butterflies in your stomach. Rafting is an experience you will never forget!

The rafting boats are designed to bump into rocks, surf the waves and sailing down the winding rivers. They are equipped with footrests and a rope around the edge that one can hold on to. In addition, helmets, wetsuits and life jackets are always to be worn.

There are different types of guided tours you can join. On some tours you get to paddle a lot, sometimes you just follow the flow. The control is however always in the hands of a professional guide. Is this the first time you try rafting? Join us on a tour where you can relax and enjoy nature while the guide is steering the boat and the stream determines the speed. Give yourself and your family a cool and memorable experience to complete the holiday.



River rafting in Wagrain

In the city of Wagrain there is no opportunity to try rafting, but 25 driving minutes away, in St. Johann, you can paddle on the river Salzach which wont make an adventurous family disappointed. On the long river, you can enjoy the nature to its fullest.

A rafting tour usually takes about 2-3 hours. After the tour there is the possibility to warm up in the sauna.

This rafting experience, we do not recommend to families or groups of friends who are not confident in the water or who have not tried rafting before.

River rafting in Schladming

In Schladming you can try rafting on the rivers Enns and Salzach. Both tours are beautiful and idyllic but Enns is better suited for beginners. However it does not make the rafting experience less exciting!

On Enns you will pass dense forests and go through the wild passages which guarantees a fun rafting experience. These varied 10 km creates unforgettable memories to take with you back home. The tour takes about an hour and fits active and adventure-hungry families with children.

On the river Salzach the level of difficulty depends on the water and its hight, so the tour can suit both beginners and professionals. In the summer season, the water level in the Salzach river is often high, which makes the tour wilder and more difficult.



Rafting and canyoning in Zell am See

Close by are the rivers Salzach and Saalach which are great for rafting depending on how much you want to get shaken up. 

If you want to experience rivers and canyons as close as possible we suggest you to book a canyoning trip! You shouldn't be afraid of water though.



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