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Hiking in the Alps

An active holiday in Austria gives you peace of mind.

The Austrian nature offers a completely different experience than the one we are used to at home. The high mountains, green meadows and bubbly creeks evokes an inner curiosity to life.

Hiking, trekking or strolling, who would not love a walk in an idyllic terrain? Austria's nature is made for this, but the landscape has also received some help from the locals.

Lifts and marked trails make for an unforgettable holiday with views that will make you forget all about everyday life at home.

Hiking is not just for adults - even the smallest has a lot to discover. Long walks invites to deep conversations while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views together.



Hiking in Wagrain

There are no less than 35 different hiking trails in Wagrain! The trails are divided into 31 stages that are 5-17 km long and takes 2-7 hours to hike. In other words, there are trails for everyone.

If you fancy a day trip we can recommend a hiking trail that goes from Wagrain to Kleinarl. Except for a few hills the 12.5 km long trail is rather flat and takes about 4.5 hour in a relaxed pace to wander. There are several variations of the route, you feel for a challenge, you can take the little detour over the top of the mountain Penkkopf which offers an absolutely amazing view.

Hiking in Schladming

Schladming is a popular and beloved ski area in the winter season but in the summer season the mountains turn into one of Austria's best hiking areas. Schladming offers everything expected of Austrian nature and no matter what your preferences are the mountains in Schladming will for sure make you gasp.

Join a guided tour and let the guides show you the best lookout spots. No matter what kind of hike you choose, you will be surprised by the incredible scenery and beautiful views that Schladming has to offer.



Hiking in Zell am See

The well-signposted hiking network in the Zell am See-Kaprun region covers around 400 kilometres. It leads visitors to idyllic mountain chalets, glistening mountain lakes, the local Schmittenhöhe and Maiskogel mountains, the Upper Tauern National Park, across the glacier and up to three thousand metres above sea level. The range of hikes and tours offered in Zell am See-Kaprun is just as diverse as the demands and requests of our guests. Anyone wanting to take things a little easier can travel the first few metres in comfort in the modern cable cars. This protects untrained calf muscles and also rewards visitors with a fantastic view of Lake Zell and 30 three thousand metre peaks. Countless mountain chalets throughout the region help to motivate hikers with their home- made delicacies: buttermilk with cranberries, mountain cheese, a picnic with ham or a glass of elderflower juice are the perfect appeasement – even for more challenging tours.





Hiking tips

The hiking trails are divided into different categories:

- Trails that starts and ends at the same place.

- Panoramic trails where you will experience a lot of different beautiful views.

- Family trails which are perfect for families.

- Extreme trails which are more challenging. Fits those who wants a challenge.

Going on a longer trip, it is good to be prepared for a bit of everything. It is a good idea to bring a backpack in which to carry your supplies, sunscreen, warm clothes and anything else you could possibly need during the hike. 

We suggest that you wear many thin layers of clothing as the weather in the mountains tend to change quickly. It is a good idea to plan the entire tour before the hike so that you know which path to follow. So pack your bags, set off and discover the idyllic Austrian nature.

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