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E-bike - climb the mountain with a smile on your face

Take a leisurely bike ride and experience the unique mountain world on modern e-bikes. The whole family can enjoy the trip without the shortness of breath. In comparison to a regular bike or mountain bike you can cope much longer when you get the help of the motorl up the steep mountain trails. An e-bike has a battery and a switch on the handle that you can turn on to start the engine. The function can just as easily be turned off when it starts to go down-hill.

Austria's vibrant natural landscape offers everything a cyclist could wish for - from idyllic routes that promises pure enjoyment to short up- and down-hill rides that challenges your limits. Whichever you choose, you can come a lot further in less time with an e-bike and both children and elderly have the energy to follow all the way.



E-bike in Wagrain

There are a lot of cycling routes to choose from so you have a good opportunity to discover and explore the province of Salzburg and the region of Salzburg Sportwelt during the summer holidays.

E-bike in Wagrain is a combination of endurance and relaxation. Everyone can go on adventures in the mountains, regardless of level. The electric bikes give the individual the ability to determine how much help they want. It makes for an exciting experience for the whole family as both the youngest and grandparents have the energy to go on long excursions.

Wagrain offers easy paths and trails with beautiful views for families and beginners. For professionals with much courage and the right skills there are demanding bike trails and a mountain bike park at the Flying Mozart lift that enthusiasts love.

E-bike in Schladming

E-bike is the excellent choice for those who want a challenge but also an opportunity to go far. In Schladming you can enjoy a gorgeous ride without having to be too exhausted on the long trails of the mountain.

In Schladming you can rent your e-bike right next to Hotel Planai - it does not get any easier! There are bike trails to suit all levels and in combination with an electric bike the whole family can come along. Schladming is really made for e-bikes.



E-bike in Zauchensee

When you are looking for a gentle cruise, with or without battery-powered help, you will find it here in the 150km long network, embedded in the river valley and rolling hills surrounded by impressive mountains. For instance, routes up on the Schlatterberg hill have a height gain of just 200m with an ideal break point at Winterbauer restaurant and its great view. You can continue on to Flachau and come home via the Enns valley cycle trail.

Let yourself be moved by the beautiful mountain scenery which always surrounds you when you are on the cycle paths. Whether you are sporty and challenge-looking or just out for a cruise with friends and family, these numerous tours and routes let you discover the area at your own peace. These are literally the highpoints of Salzburg with the mountains and rivers that accompany wherever you go. From relaxed bike rides over the flood plains and gentle inclines to the more challenging steeper routes followed by daring downhill sections, everyone can find their favourite route.

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