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Summer activities for everyone in the Alps







Mountain bike

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful nature while on a bike or e-bike? Or would you rather test your boundaries on a mountain bike? In Austria you can do both.

No matter if you are in the Alps to enjoy an easy and cosy ride on a bike together with the family or to ride down-hill like a professional on the various mountain bike trails you will definitely find it all here in Austria.

You can mountain bike in both Wagrain and Schladming. 

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Alpine coaster

A summer alpine coaster is a mountain roller coaster where you control the speed yourself in the carriage where you are sitting. It is a fun activity for the whole family. The safety is high so everyone can relax and just enjoy the ride and the beautiful view.

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An e-bike is a mountain bike with an engine. The engine gives give an extra boost on the hills so that you can focus on the beautiful surroundings without getting too tired. It also gives the whole family the opportunity to go on longer and steeper tours.

E-bikes can however still be a challenge in the austrian terrain because you decide yourself in what gear you want to ride and therefor how difficult or easy you want it to be.

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Hiking in the Alps

Austria offers hiking in different forms, both concerning the increase and nature experience. There are plenty of trails so just pick a trail and get going. 

The trails have been divided into different categories:

- Trails that starts and ends at the same place. 

- Panoramic trails where you will experience a lot of different beautiful views. 

- Family trails which are perfect for families. 

- Extreme trails which are more challenging. Fits those who wants a challenge. 

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River rafting is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family. The chances of a thrilling experience with lots of butterflies in your stomach when paddling on the wild rivers is pretty high.

We can not guarantee that you will not be wet, but we can guarantee for the safety. You will be equipped with a wetsuit, safety jacket and helmet because we will not go on compromise with the safety. Hop on board and enjoy the wild ride of an adventure. 

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Skiing on the glacier

Are you the ultimate ski nerd who can not stay away from the slopes?

Then it is a good thing that you can also ski in the summer season. In Schladming you can satisfy your skiing hunger on the glacier Dachstein. Here is a really funny fun park and snow-guaranteed slopes.  

Come and feel the wind in your face on the top of the glacier with the best view Schladming has to offer. 

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You can not get enough of golf? Follow Alpeffect Hotels to Austria in the summer season and experience golf courses you have never seen before and landscapes that makes even the most experienced long for more.

Also if you are not experienced there are areas that will suit you well. Here you will find something for every level of handicap. 

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