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Resource Reduction Program Lion Alpin



STG Resource Reduction Program

We care for the mountains

Alpeffect Hotels is part of the travel koncern SkiTravelGroup and therefore also part of SkiTravelGroup’s Resource Reduction Program, which is our way of​ living up to our environmental responsibility. With this ​ambitious program we aim to reduce the consumption of ​food, water and electricity by 20 % within 2020.​

SkiTravelGroup has been on a fantastic travel for the past 25 years. When the high season comes around we count more than 200 employees, ten own hotels and a position as market leader. We are therefore in a unique position, which gives us an opportunity to act and take responsibility. We have always worked to live up to our values; security, service and quality – and these values has only become more relevant throughout the years.  

For you, us and the mountains​

Security is about looking forward and knowing that the mountains, which we all love so much, will always be there and that the nature surrounding them will stay as it is. SkiTravelGroup will be at the forefront in our field of the travel industry. We do so because we want to help to create a greener travel industry in the future. We do it to influence ourselves and our guests consciousness and we do it together – We do it because we want to take care of the mountains.​

We have therefore launched our Resource Reduction Program – an ambitious program that commits us to our responsibility for the environment, to our guests and the business we are in. Its about environmental responsibility, awareness and action. ​

Our responsibility – Our opportunity​

We are a resourceful koncern and because we run our hotels on our own, we have an opportunity, which only a few in our industry have. We can act right away to contribute to create a foundation for a sustainable travel koncern in a sustainable travel industry. We are therefore proud and full of hope for the introduction of our new sustainability program.

20 % in the year 2020​

We can afford to aim high – and that is what we are doing. Our starting point is that we will reduce our consumption of electricity, water and food with 20 % by the end of 2020. With more than 50.000 guests annually and with an international staff, who has to be recruited every year, we have a big challenge. But we will reach our goal by 2020. We have prepared ourselves for years and the 2020 goal is only the beginning. 

Ecological, Economical, Ethical​

Our international sustainability program focuses on three pillars: Ecology, Economics and Ethics. The last aspect, Ethics, goes across, but is assigned its own focus. These points are in our DNA and we have spent 25 years refining our starting point, day by day, year by year.  ​

The core of our success will be our own hotels and our guests. We monitor all aspects of our daily operations so that we can live our three new programs, Food Waste, Water Waste and Utility Waste. But the most important tool that it all starts and ends with is to be conscious – our own consciousness, our guests and within the business we are in. ​



Water waste STG


Our water consumption is central to our Resource Reduction program. In SkiTravelGroup we have a unique opportunity to lead the way with a significant reduction in the consumption of water. Our efforts concern both drinking water and the utilization of rain- and wastewater. But our main tool is consciousness. One common awareness that water is not a ressource we can take for granted in the future – and with our Resource Reduction program we build consciousness throughout the koncern. From our international staff at the destinations to our management and owners. A very central key to success is our guests. We have a strong and conscious audience who we want to include as important participants in our program.     ​

We therefore hope that you, as our guest, will help us take care of the mountains – and participate to create a sustainable travel industry.​



Food waste STG


The western worlds consumption of food has reached an all time high level where action is required. Every year and every day, incomprehensible amounts of food are thrown away without any ambition to recycle. We have ten own hotels in SkiTravelGroup and therefore a unique opportunity to take action and not only to live up to our responsibility but also take the lead. Long before the creation of our Resource Reduction program, we have worked in detail in our kitchens with the consumption of food, and with this program we continue. We will enter into strategic partnerships with environmental- and agricultural organizations regarding recycling of leftover products (waste or excess). 

But as is the case with our water program, consciousness is key to success. That goes for our own and our guests consciousness. A full plate when you are full yourself is food wasted.



Utility waste STG


Utility, or to use another word, consumption. In Denmark we have for many years been at the forefront of a more sustainable consumption and development of future energy forms. Denmark is a green country and when SkiTravelGroup joins the sustainable developments with our Resource Reduction program its a significant step forward to closing some of the small gaps, which will contribute to make a big, global difference. The hotel- and travel industry has developed from being energy sinners to now fighting for a change in behaviour in the worlds travelers. We have a goal of reducing our electricity consumption in our hotels by 20 % already by 2021. We have many technical possibilities, which can help us along – but we need your help. We all have to be aware of our actions. Energy and emissions are linked together, so remember to switch off your devises when they are not beeing used. We will remember the rest.

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