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Newsletter Terms and Conditions

Newsletter terms and conditions

I agree that SkiTravelGroup AG may use my data for marketing purposes within the Alpeffect Hotels newsletter. Marketing material is only sent in the form of emails. I am responsible for updating my information, and may free of charge at any time request a change of the data ( Personal data is stored in the Alpeffect Hotels customer database, which is operated by SkiTravelGRoup AG, Hinterbergstrasse 34a, 6312 Steinhausen, Switzerland. SkiTravelGRoup AG undertakes the data protection laws of Switzerland. Subscribing on the Alpeffect Hotels newsletter is free of charge and without obligation.


These conditions include all locations and sales channels of the Alpeffect Hotels newsletter. SkiTravelGroup AG is committed to protect your privacy on the Internet according to the law on personal data in Switzerland. These terms and conditions are subject to change without further consent from you. If you have questions about your personal data, please contact SkiTravelGroup AG: Tel.: (+43) 720 23 08 50.

Use of data

The data can at any time, and free of charge, be changed or deleted. The data is only used for sending the Alpeffect Hotels newsletter, which can include offers, invitations, messages, and further. SkiTravelGroup AG do not hand out any personal data to third parties without a consent. Under certain circumstances, in accordance with the legislation, necessary information is transmitted to the judicial authority.

Data Protection

Alpeffect Hotels always treats your personal data in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act.

Erase information, unsubscribe

You always have the right to erase information about your stored personal data, its origin and destination and the purpose of data processing as well as a right to correct, block or delete this data. For this purpose, as well as other questions relating to personal data, you can always turn to the specified address in the imprint on our website.

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